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Emergency Checklist PDF

A recent close call with a natural disaster, that I previously mentioned, has me thinking more about the safety and well being of the family and demonstrated first hand how quickly things such as electricity, water and shelter, that we rely on daily can be taken away. 

I'm a list maker so I started looking for lists that others had already made for a starting point for items needed in an emergency situation. 

Obviously these type of lists can be as long as you want them to be but Popular Mechanics has a pretty good checklist already created. I like the way they have broken it down to items for different situations such as a backpack, the car or for in the home. 

Their list is a great starting point for an emergency checklist which is actually the type of situations that most people will be presented with most often such as power failures, and natural disasters, but as a survival list it is missing a few things.

Get your free PDF download of their checklist here.

Any pre-made list is just a starting point and should be adapted for your own situation and personal needs.  I personally would have fire making, a knife and an emergency blanket in each of the lists.  I just like duplication on the important things.

Print it out and keep it with your emergency gear and I hope it helps you get started.

--Stay Safe