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GORUCK Challenge Event Gear and Training Tips

Training for your first GORUCK Challenge?
Make sure you have the gear you need. 
Pictured is the gear I used on 2 GORUCK events.  1 Challenge and 1 Light.  I completed my first event, a 15hr 20plus mile Challenge, in December of 2013 and recently completed the 9/11 Light Special Event.  And I am looking forward to completing GORUCK's new Charming the Snake 2016 events.
I also have listed at the bottom some general tips on training for someone who is training for their first event.

This is just a general list that you will need for any event or event or training  Your Cadre will provide a list of specific items they require before each event.

Ruck  - GR1 with morale patch (reflective).  You need a ruck.  Most people use GORUCK packs but any bag will do as long as its big enough to hold your bricks or weight plate.  If you can't afford a GORUCK, I would recommend at least a tactical style pack such as the 5.11 Tactical Rush Backpack , Direct Action Dust or Direct Action Dragon Egg.  These tend to hold up better to the abuse.

Weight - the red, white and blue block is my 20lb/4 wrapped bricks for the Light.  I also have a 30lb block. (6 Bricks)

Reflective Bands - required items for safety.  Great to use for training before and after the event also.

Tactical Gloves - inexpensive pair just to protect your hands.

Tac hat with morale patch.

Headlamp - I used a Petzl - e+LITE but anything will work.  Its not as much for you to see since there are usually street lights, but for you to be seen.

Carabiner  - not required but I use a Double Sided Carabiner to hold my water bladder in my pack.  They are also needed to attach a handle to the outside of your ruck as I have done.  I got mine from All Day Ruckoff and they have lots of other great stuff including morale patches!
Water bladder - required item, these Source Tactical Hydration Reservoir System are so much better than camelbaks its not even fair.

Socks - Darn Tough Vermont Men's 1/4 Merino Wool Ultra-Light Athletic Socks are the best for any season.

Shoes - This can be a huge debate but I did both my events in running shoes with no problems, however I want to  upgrade to the Merrell Moab Ventilator or Salomon Speedcross very soon.

Clif Bars and Gu Energy Gels - food is a required item, although its up to the Cadre when you get to eat.  More on that later. 

LOKSAK Waterproof Bags - keep your other required items dry, keys, $20 bill, ID

Phone case - Pelican 1015 Micro Case  - I never take my phone with me but some people do, make sure its waterproof and crushproof.

Pen and Notebook - may or may not be required but always good to keep a hard copy log of your training

Keep in the car:
Flip flops
Dry clothes
A favorite snack

Also, completing the event with a friend makes it even more fun!
Event training tips -
*this is not meant to be an exhaustive outline or training regimen.  Those have been done well many other places.  Simply some tips and things to consider while training that you wouldn't think about until after your event.  Also, I am not a trainer, and I am not you.  Do what is best for you without hurting yourself. 

Wear your ruck with weight in it for as long as possible and get miles under your belt. 

Ruck in the rain.  Get used to training while wet, because you will be wet close to the beginning of the event and will ruck and PT while wet.  Either jump in a lake or train while its raining to get used to how that feels.

Ruck and train without eating.  If you are doing a Challenge level event, you will most likely only be able to eat a small amount very quickly during the 9-12+ hour event before moving on.  Try to mimic this with your training.  Complete and fairly intense training session, then without eating, ruck some miles.  Continue to drink water.  A sample plan could be pick two or all of these.  Run, Workout, Ruck.  Then find a day you can complete the 2 or 3 workout day using what you picked.

Duffle Bag training.  Fill an old duffle bag with rubber mulch, or other large awkwardly heavy object, and carry it for a mile, or you pick a distance.  Keep up with your time.

Good luck and have fun! The reason rocking was the fastest growing fitness trend of 2015 is because its fun and awesome!

Stay Safe,