Gifts for the Adventurous

Made In The USA Christmas List - 2011

Found a great new (to me) company,  who has posted their list of 10+ American Made Gift Ideas.  Buying American made is something I try to do when possible.  As they have written:

Amazon Kindle Fire

Ok, now I'm a fan of the Kindle Fire.  I finally had a chance to play with one of these the other day and I really like them. Of course if you are a fan of Apple and have $500 to spend I think I would still get the iPad just so it matches up with your phone, etc., but if you only want to spend $200 and still get a great looking reader that can go online, this is for you. The picture was great and it is light in your hand with a fast moving touch screen. 

Check them out and get yours here:
Kindle Fire ($200 and free shipping from Amazon)

Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Gift For The Adventurous Gent 2011 Part 2

I just keep remembering and discovering more things that I wanted to add so I just started a new post to hold them all.

I would bet that you will have no problem finding something for that guy on your list from one of these two posts.

Part 1 is here.

Now on to Part 2:

Stocking Stuffers

Valet recently posted a great breakdown of the traditional contents of a stocking and why some of the items are in it.  Turns out Santa was right on track at my house when he puts pens and oranges in my stocking every year.  See Valet's Stocking Blueprint to get started.

Pearl Harbor Day - Dec 7th, 70 Years Ago

Hawaii is near the top of my Life List.  The combination of mountains, beaches, volcanoes, culture, and adventure sports makes it a destination I have always wanted to see.


The Nina And The Pinta In Memphis

Replicas of the Nina and the Pinta were recently in Memphis.  Being an avid reader and fan of History, I couldn't pass up the chance to see and experience the ships that brought explorers and settlers across the Atlantic to the New World.

If you missed it, here are some pictures of the ships.