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Higo No Kami Knife Review

During the era of the Samurai in Japan, no one was allowed to carry weapons other than the Samurai or the military, hence the similarity of many Japanese weapons to farming implements.  These more familiar weapons were developed and carried by various tradesmen, farmers and fishermen. 

These tradesmen as well as peasants also developed a smaller more concealable weapon,


the Higo no kami.

I purchased a very inexpensive one from Amazon to test out for feel and usability before spending more on a better quality model.

They come in multiple sizes and I ordered the Larger version which is 6.75" overall open, 4.25" closed with a 3" blade and cutting edge. 

Higo no Kami is a non-locking knife, so the tang extends past the handle when closed to act as an opening lever and when open it is used to prevent the blade from closing.

I usually wear medium sized gloves and this Large Higo fits my hand with barely any handle not covered by my hand. 

The blade came fairly sharp but could be sharpened a lot.

All the edges on the handle are rounded but the back of the blade is nearly an unfinished edge, but it is straight with no burrs. 

The blade on mine sits to the side of the handle when closed and the opening action is very tight.


Higo No Kami's range in price from around $11 up to around $30.

I have a feeling that these quality issues would go away as the price increases. 

For carry options, I don't think I would carry this in my pocket unless maybe in a jeans 5th pocket.


Mine just barely shows and the smaller Medium would disappear. 

So check out a Higo No Kami if you
  • Need a stocking stuffer
  • Can't carry a locking blade
  • Like unique knives

Thanks for reading!

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