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Christmas Gifts For The Adventurous Gent 2011

Christmas Gifts for the Adventurous Gent

Gift Guide 2011

I consider myself a Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete and Adventurer, and pick things I would like to get under the tree on Christmas morning.
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I hope this list inspires some great ideas or at least a related gift.  If so, let us know!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Brad Thor - Full Black - Christmas Gift Guide 2011

Christmas Gift List 2011

Brad Thor - Full Black

If you haven't read a Brad Thor book, you are missing a great active author.  Hurry and get started reading him before all his books are made into movies.  The first will be out in the next year or so.

I recently finished his newest; Full Black: A Thriller (Scot Harvath).  

All of Thor's books are action packed and based around a special operator named Scot Harvath who defends America from our modern threats and Full Black is no exception.

I highly recommend Full Black for almost anyone on your gift list this year. ($16)

Map head by Ken Jennings - Christmas Gift Guide 2011

Some travelers like to obsess over how many geographic regions or countries they have been to in the world, their "life list".  If you are in this group or if you or someone you know if like me and can stare at a map for an hour, I found the book for you.

Ken Jennings won a thousand (estimate) rounds on Jeopardy and now puts his thoughts into the funny things that appear in maps, such as why borders look the way they do, in his new book Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks   

I didn't know he was a Geography wonk but it makes sense. Learning borders both political and physical is a key to learning why things and cultures are why and where they are.($15)

Americana and Cars

Saw the car from one of my favorite current commercials recently.  Had to get a few shots of it.  I can just picture George Washington flying the American Flag out the window.