Gifts for the Adventurous

Christmas Gifts For The Adventurous Gent 2011

Christmas Gifts for the Adventurous Gent

Gift Guide 2011

I consider myself a Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete and Adventurer, and pick things I would like to get under the tree on Christmas morning.
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I hope this list inspires some great ideas or at least a related gift.  If so, let us know!
Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Lonely Planet A Year of Adventures ($14)

Basically a ready made Life List for the adventure addict in your family.  They can work their way through the list or, my favorite way, randomly pick a page and go!  Since it is by Lonely Planet, you know it is well researched and written. 

Field Notes ($10 for a 3-pack)

I can't say enough about this company and their Made in the USA products.  Everything I have ordered from them has been of top notch quality and their customer service exceeds expectations.  Their current Limited Edition is the Northerly Edition (pictured) of which they have a new one every quarter. It looks like they still have some of these left as of now (Nov 28th at 11:30 Central) but I would act fast if you want some of these for a great stocking stuffer because they sell out quickly!  However, if you miss the limited editions, they have many other great items.

  Pure Badger Shaving Brush

($15 and up)  Upgrade their shave with a Badger Shave Brush and stop rubbing the shaving cream on with your or their hand. 

Lodge Logic Camp Dutch Oven

Inspire a guy you know to learn a new skill like outdoor cooking. ($54)
Tip:  Make sure to get a real Dutch Oven with a flat top so coals can be placed on top for convection cooking.  He also might need heat proof gloves.

Klein 5102-14 14-Inch Canvas Tool Bag

($48) This is still one of my favorite bags, however I don't have one yet.  I do have one of the smaller Klein 5139 12-1/2-Inch Canvas Zipper Bags ($10).  They are great for holding tools and are very well built and strong.  You could even use one to wrap another present and save on wrapping paper.  

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

($22) Every man should at least be able to do a couple pull ups.  They are a very telling example of your overall health and fitness level. 

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen

A good rule of preparedness is to never leave the house without something that can be used as a weapon.  This Tactical Pen fills that role nicely.  ($18)

Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight

Flashlights are always a great idea, because you can never have too many.  I try to keep one close to wherever I may be in the house when the power could go out.  This one also has the added bonus of filling the above mentioned rule of having a back-up weapon. ($23)

Browning Tactical Axe

More tactical and less daily use, the tactical axe would be great for the camper or someone who wants to chop wood in a survival situation.  ($40)

Swedish Firesteel ($12)

Gerber 31-000752 Bear Grylls Survival Series, Folding Sheath Knife ($20)

For the camper or adventurer on your list both of the above items would be great.  You always need fire and a way to get fire and no one can have too many knives.  Especially a knife developed by Bear Grylls and Gerber!  Bear also has a full line of outdoor cloths and equipment so be sure to check them all out. 
Bear Grylls outdoor line

Thanks again for reading, Good luck shopping and Merry Christmas 2011!