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Weekend Trip to Nashville, TN - September 2011

We got a chance for a quick trip to Nashville for the weekend so we decided to try a boutique hotel instead of a chain.  We were pleasantly surprised with what we found.


The Hotel Preston is right beside the Interstate on the East side of Nashville and looks like an art hotel on the inside.  Every surface in the lobby and halls are atypical coverings from bold paper to the faux hides in the elevators.  It is a great change from the basic chain hotel interiors.  The front desk and room service were top-notch as well and truly better than expected.  I highly recommend the Hotel Preston.   

via Big River Grille

For dinner check out the Big River Grille & Brewing Works in Downtown Nashville and a very short drive from Hotel Preston.  I was amazed at the shear amount of food choices were available and the variety ensures there will be something for everyone.  For beer fans this is the place to go.  They brew their own varieties and have six standards plus a seasonal to choose from.  I had the Oktoberfest which may have been the best version of Oktoberfest I have had. 

We decided to check out the Nashville Zoo while we were there also.  Coming from Memphis we had a pretty high standard to compare to, and aside from some areas where the animal pens are fairly far apart, they had the animals displayed nicely and you can get pretty close to many of them.  The Aquarium, small animal exhibits and the brand new Flamingo habitat were the best.  There was nothing but a short fence separating the flamingos from the viewers and they walked right up to the railing.  They have plenty of room to add more animals, but what they have now is in good shape with a nice layout.  My only complaint really was with the parking.  For some reason they give you a ticket upon driving in that you use to pay for parking at the gate.  The odd thing is that they make you give the ticket back to them when leaving the zoo.  So in addition to keeping up with your kids the whole day, you have to keep up with this small parking ticket too.  If we had lost the parking ticket, I have a feeling like they would have given us a hassle.  So if you go, make sure to keep up with your parking ticket for the entire day.

Video of Cloud Leopard Cub

Video of Flamingo Habitat

Happy Travels!