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Waypoints - May 23, 2011

 Mississippi River Boats on the flooded river May 9, 2011

  • The Wall Street Journal discusses the future of air travel, which includes a new generation of jets designed to ease the stress during flights and RFID (Radio frequency identification) tags on your luggage.

  • Worldwide Travel Advisory For All Americans -  Due to the recent success of the American Military in killing bin laden, a worldwide travel advisory has been issued for all Americans.  When traveling, I would advise Americans that it is a good idea to not advertise the fact that you are from the USA.  This bit of advice was actually given to me by a Kenyan taxi driver on a recent visit to New York City months before all this happened with the terrorist leader being killed.  At the time it seemed a little strange, but the more i think about it and read the news the more sense it makes.  Peter Greenberg discusses it further here
  • A Continuous Lean has a great tip about traveling with a power strip so you only have to carry one adapter.