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Life Lessons, Inspirations and Survival Tips From Bear Grylls

I have to admit, when their respective survival shows first began airing I was anti Bear Grylls (Man vs.Wild) and pro Les Stroud (Survivorman).  Due to the fact that Bear used a camera crew and had rescue teams on call all the time.  Les Stroud, on the other hand, carried all his own camera equipment and at least seemed to be a lot more isolated during filming than Bear was.  But now as I read and learn more about his story and life philosophy I have become a fan of the Bear also.

Travel Tips: Field Notes, Balsam Fir Edition

One of the best items you can bring on any trip is a notebook.  Writing your memories, feelings, and experiences during or shortly after you experience them is the best way to remember your trip accurately.  Writing also allows you to go back and relive the trip exactly how you felt on that day.


Another Good Review of the Bear Grylls Survival Knife

The ultimate challenge of approval:  a child.  This reviewer's son seems to be a big fan of the Bear Grylls Survival Knife.  (Which is still on my wish list if anyone is interested)

See the review here over at the field and stream blog.  

Starting a fire in the snow is something I definitely need to practice.  Especially if this increased snow pattern keeps up in the coming years.