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Life Lessons, Inspirations and Survival Tips From Bear Grylls

I have to admit, when their respective survival shows first began airing I was anti Bear Grylls (Man vs.Wild) and pro Les Stroud (Survivorman).  Due to the fact that Bear used a camera crew and had rescue teams on call all the time.  Les Stroud, on the other hand, carried all his own camera equipment and at least seemed to be a lot more isolated during filming than Bear was.  But now as I read and learn more about his story and life philosophy I have become a fan of the Bear also.

Men's Journal has a great interview with Bear in which he tells some stories about what inspires him, philosophical quotes from his father, the adventure that most changed his life and the outdoor skill every man should have.

I especially like the book he mentioned; Rhinoceros Success.  I have never heard of the book before and it seems a little expensive on Amazon.  But hopefully there is a cheaper version somewhere, because from what I read on the author's blog it seems like he has some inspiring things to say.  

Now if none of that inspired you, I don't know what will.  But in case it did, you better check out Gerber's new line of survival tools designed by Bear before you go out on your next adventure.  I have a feeling that the collaboration between Bear and Gerber has produced some strong and reliable outdoors tools.  The line, which is going on sale this week, consists of a various sizes of survival knives, survival kits, fire starter, machete, multi-tool, and clothing.  Why does my birthday have to be so far away!?