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Charity Challenges with All Day Ruckoff and Mettle Forger

If you haven't heard of or signed up for the next Charity Challenges event, now is the time.  The Push Up Challenge just ended and the Sit Up Challenge is next starting on 10/1/16 befitting the Green Beret Foundation and Team Red, White and Blue.

The goal of each challenge is to complete as many reps as possible in 90 days and tabs are awarded for the highest goal you met to go with the shield which is included in the $20 entry fee.

Here is a nice graphics showing where the donations go:

I started the Push Up Challenge with the goal of competing 10K push ups again but a few weeks in I upped my goal to 20K and made it

The events are great that you do at your own pace based on the goal you pick for each event and there is a well laid out logging page to keep track of all your reps and shows your progress. 

Thanks All Day Ruckoff and Mettle Forger for putting on some awesome events!

Sign up now for the next Charity Challenges Event and I'll see you in there!

Stay Safe,