Gifts for the Adventurous

My Everyday Carry - EDC

My current everyday carry:


  - Timex Men's T5K792 Ironman Traditional 30-Lap - My favorite athletic watch in black with the reverse black digital face. 
 - CountyComm Embassy Pen - Extremely strong pen with space pen insert that can be used as a non-traditional weapon if needed. 
 - CountyComm Maratac AA Light -I switch between this light and my Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight that I carried on duty for over a year with great results.
 - Smith &Wesson Extreme Ops Knife  - This knife has held up fairly well for an EDC letter opener.  Its never actually been in a tactical situation and I'm not sure if this exact model is still available.  I would prefer if it had assist opening like this one:  Smith & Wesson Special Ops Knife MAGIC Assist Open, Black Tanto Blade.  I am currently looking at a few options to replace this.
Displayed on my hand made salvage lumber coffee table. 
Stay Safe