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Inspirations - Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most woderful countries in the world.
--John Muir

Gates of the Arctic National Park lies completely above the Arctic Circle.  There is no infrastructure or roads at all in the park.  So getting there is somewhat difficult, as you will see in the below documentary about one such adventure.

For more information on Gates of the Arctic National Park, check out the National Parks Service website.  

Books To Travel With

"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
- Mark Twain

Last year I wrote a synopsis of a list of books I was deciding to read next.

Here are some new options:

Colonel Roosevelt - The last in the biographical trilogy of Theodore Roosevelt.  I have read and enjoyed Theodore Rex and am looking forward to reading the new installment also.

First-Person Chilean Urban Downhill BMX...Crazy

I've been through some tight and steep trails on a mountain bike, but doing it in an urban environment with these jumps is wild.

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Bonus points if you know where in Memphis this picture is...?


Customize Your Field Notes Notebooks For Spring 2011

Let your creative side out with the new Spring 2011 edition of Field Notes.  They come with a blank cover and a sheet of dry transfer letters to create your own headline for the notebooks.  But hurry, they are only available while the run lasts and the special editions sell out quickly.

Life List - High Points In The 50 States

High Points.



These words might trigger in your mind thoughts of week long excursions and altitude acclimation.  But it doesn't have to involve all that.  There are many high points in the US that involve far less planning and gear and you can take the whole family.  And better yet, there are 50 of them!  Why go for just a couple of the high points in the US when you can go for all 50?!

Spring and Summer Travel Gear

My first travel essentials list for the year has got to include the very useful Field Notes Brand notebooks.  They are the go-anywhere, pocket-sized, American-made, no-electricity-needed, way to jot down your important thoughts on all your travels this year that I reviewed in a previous post.  And if you watch their site, their new quarterly color version - Field Notes Spring 2011 edition - may be coming out soon!   But, make sure I get one first or we really might have a problem!

Pictured is the standard version as well as the recent Winter 2010 Color edition.

I have a goal of reading a classic book this year.  I think that is one of those things one should do every year.  Like watching the sun come up at least once a year when you don't have to be up already for work.  I had a couple very good experiences doing this last week before the time changed. 

Groupon Offering Special Deal for "The Lincoln Lawyer" Starting at Midnight Tonight

Groupon will be offering tickets to the thriller "The Lincoln Lawyer" starting tonight (Wednesday) at midnight through Thursday evening. 
From the article:
Through Groupon, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. will offer half-price, or $6, tickets to its new suspense thriller "The Lincoln Lawyer," which hits theaters Friday.  The deal goes live Wednesday at midnight and runs through late Thursday evening.

I remember when the regular price of a movie ticket was $6!  

Read more at The Wall Street Journal here.

Deal Extra:  I have gotten into clipping coupons lately just to see how much I can save.  If you do that too, now you don't have to wait for the weekly circular.  Print your own coupons for everyday items and groceries here or click the banner below.


U.S. National Parks Free Days and Vintage Posters

Don't miss this year's U.S. National Parks Free Days in 100 National Parks that usually have entrance fees.  

There has already been one free weekend, but there are more coming and one very soon in April.


Doane Paper Utility Notebooks

Another new pocket notebook has come out recently and like I said before, taking notes on your trip is as important as pictures to help you remember how you felt on your outings.   As well as the hundreds of other uses for these pocket-sized books.

Doane Paper, a West Coast American paper company, has some quality offerings in the pocket notebook lineup and this new pocket utility notebook with crossover cover art is a pretty unique one.

From what I gather, their paper has both lines and a graph on each page so no decision about that is necessary. 

I like the look of the vintage cover art and the color.  I might jump out and get one for myself in the next couple weeks.  I will let you know if I do.

Another review here:

Buy them here:

Extra: is offering an additional 25% off sale shoes through this link.