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Waypoints -- February 2017

What I'm reading this month:
  • Leadership
  • Charity
  • Travel Security

Bookshelf 2016

Like many things in life, such as a daily workout, if you don't focus on it, it will get left out.  So this post is really for my own accountability to continue to have a list (or pile) of books to read and to actually read them.  Personally, when I find a book I want to read, I usually go ahead and get it and add it to my books to read pile, my antilibrary (books in my library that I haven't read).  That way I just move to the next one.

What I read in 2016:


Gear Review: 3 Tactical Work Glove Options

Gloves can be an important part of many situations.  From camping for handling knives, saws and axes for firewood, professional tactical situations, a day at the range or to stash in your car emergency kit.  Protecting your hands is always key to continuing your activities.


For this I am comparing 3 pairs of gloves, all size Medium, that I have used and many different situations for an extended period of time. 

Building a DIY Morale Patch Board

After getting into GORUCK a few years ago my collection of patches started growing and ended up just being stored in a box.  I wanted a way to see and display them.

There are a lot of options out there now to buy a pre made patch board but it is really inexpensive and easy to just make your own from a frame.  Mine ended up pretty large at 2' x 4' because I just used a frame I already had but any frame will work as long as it has a cardboard piece inside. 
Here is the final result with some of my collection:


Charity Challenges with All Day Ruckoff and Mettle Forger

If you haven't heard of or signed up for the next Charity Challenges event, now is the time.  The Push Up Challenge just ended and the Sit Up Challenge is next starting on 10/1/16 befitting the Green Beret Foundation and Team Red, White and Blue.

Ka Bar Becker 16 Custom

The Ka Bar Becker 16 is a great camp/survival knife out of the box.  But as I've noted before, I like to personalize and upgrade things myself and after a few tweaks, this knife may be one of the best out there.   

Inspired by the customization project outlined on the YouTube channel of Gideon's Tactical as I began to search for a survival/camp knife, I decided to go with the Ka Bar Becker BK 16 based on many things including its lower price point and ability to upgrade parts of the knife when you are able to and not have such a large investment up front. 

First the final results after stripping the stock coating and upgrading the handles and sheath: