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Waypoints July 2016 - Everyday Situational Awareness

Articles from around the Web that I have been reading this month:


Once your children start enjoying the outdoors, Survival Sherpa discusses making sure they have the skills to stay safe while in the outdoors is the logical next step. 

Unfortunately this is a timely article with good advice on how to stay safe and escape if caught in a riot situation from Modern Survival Blog. Spoiler:  getting away from he riot as quickly and safely as possible is key.
My own personal advice is to always stay as aware of your surroundings as possible. 
If nothing else, just practice in the parking lot when leaving the grocery store.  Who else is in the parking lot?  Are they doing anything out of the ordinary?  I don't mean to say you should be scared, just aware.  IF there is someone looking for a victim, they will most likely be looking for the person not paying attention.

Thanks for reading and I will hopefully have new posts shortly.

Stay Safe,