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Gear Review: 3 Tactical Work Glove Options

Gloves can be an important part of many situations.  From camping for handling knives, saws and axes for firewood, professional tactical situations, a day at the range or to stash in your car emergency kit.  Protecting your hands is always key to continuing your activities.


For this I am comparing 3 pairs of gloves, all size Medium, that I have used and many different situations for an extended period of time. 

Mechanix Wear Original Covert is the oldest pair I have and I've used them for over 3 years on multiple GORUCK events and were my first daily carry gloves for law enforcement.  I liked the black on black of the Covert color way.  Some of their gloves printing is a little loud for my taste.

These gloves were great to start out with but soon lost their form and ability to hold on the hook and loop closure around the wrist.  That may have been due to the GORUCK Tough event I wore them in.  Those events are good at mimicking porbalby a year of normal wear on equipment in one day.  

They were, even when new, the most generous cut gloves of the 3 which shows in the following picture.
I may just retire these and replace with a pair of Covert FastFit which I describe below.

Mechanix Wear FastFit Multicam I have used for almost a year with projects around the house and outdoor activities.

My favorite part of the FastFit is that they use an elastic wrist closure system instead of hook and loop.  There is nothing to open and close when putting them on, just slide them on. 
The leather on the palms has held up well to this point.
They also have a better fit overall with a trimmer cut in the fingers for less bulk. 
If you are considering a pair of Mechanix Gloves, the FastFits are my favorites for an inexpensive well made glove to use for outdoor and light tasks around the house.  Heavy tasks around the house I use the cheap leather gloves from Lowe's so my good gloves don't get torn up. 
I already have plans to buy more pairs of these so I can have a pair in my vehicle emergency bag, one in my shop and one for camping.  They also come in other color ways including, as of this writing, wolf grey and woodland camo.

Pig - FTD Alpha - Touch Gloves in Ranger Green I carried and used daily on patrol for nearly a year and are by far the best gloves I have worn for tactical, shooting or range activities.

They were developed by a veteran of military and law enforcement with a focus on shooting and tactical use and you can really tell the difference when you put them on.

There are more details on the Mil Spec Monkey store site but basically instead of starting with bulky work gloves they started with better fitting sports glove designs for the development.
They have a slim cut, light weight material with a padded layer on the back knuckles, for you know, whatever reason you may need padded knuckles while working.

They do have a hook and loop wrist closure which I would rather see a FastFit style wrist but it has held up better than I thought.  I got the $40 Touch version that includes conductive thread on the finger tips for use with touch screen devices. 

The dexterity in these gloves is the best I have ever seen.  Part of that is due to the light weight of the material which could translate to possibly being torn up in extreme use during professional law enforcement or military work, but if you do that work you know its worth it to pay $30 or $40 every year or two for a high quality pair of gloves.  
If you work in law enforcement, military or simply a hobby shooter, I highly recommend picking up a pair of these to at least keep in your range bag. 

Gusseted knuckle joints allow complete finger movement.  
Pig Gloves are also available in Black, Coyote and Grey and if I could I would own all four colors.
They don't always have a huge inventory of these so if they have your size and color you might want to go ahead and grab them.  
Pig Gloves, which are also available in a $30 non-touch version, are made and sold my Mil Spec Monkey.  Check out their store with lots of other tactical, medical gear and morale patches and tell them I sent you if you get a pair.  I don't get anything out of it, I just think they have a great store and support them whenever I can.
If you feel like picking up some mechanix gloves or anything else through our amazon links however that will help us keep the blog going with more articles and reviews! 
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