Gifts for the Adventurous

EDC - 3 Good Quality, Budget Pocket Folding Knives

You can spend almost any amount of money on a pocket knife.  And there are hundreds of cheap knives out there that aren't going to hold up.  If you are like me, you want a good quality knife without spending $100 or more.  Also important to me is buying something that is going to last a long time and not have to be replaced every year.

Expanding GORUCK Collection

GORUCK has been on a run lately releasing new rucks and different colors.  So that means....

The number of GORUCK packs I own is expanding,

DIY Machete Handle Upgrade

One way to save money and still have quality gear is to upgrade less expensive items yourself so they look and perform better.

I have a couple knife blanks I have been wanting to put handles on so I decided to test out technique on an old machete I have but never really used. 

I've had this machete for years but never really done anything with it. It has a two part plastic handle and the cutting edge came with a dull edge covered with paint, maybe for safety during shipping.

Can't Wait To Use This Gerber Strong Arm!

Just got a Gerber StrongArm from Amazon and I can't wait to use this thing on the next trail or camping trip I take.  I was able to get some time at least to post some initial thoughts for now.


9/11 Memorial GORUCK

A little late but everyone had a great time with lots of "good living" at the GORUCK 9/11 Memorial event in Dallas.  My 2nd event and first Light has jump started me back into rucking.

Field Notes - Fall 2015

I really enjoyed this set. Previously my favorite Field Notes sets have been any that included green books as well as the real wood covered Shelterwood edition.

A mini " hello was included in one of my packs.

Buck Knives - Compadre Camp Knife

This will be going on my upcoming 2015 Outdoors Christmas Gift List but I wanted to do a separate post about it as well because I just like the looks of this knife so much.

Buck Knives 0104WAS Compadre Camp Knife with Red Blade and Plain Edge.


You will either love or hate the red powder coated blade but I like it and think it goes well with the Walnut handle.

Life List - Manitou Springs, CO - The Incline

I just found out about this really unique spot in Colorado I will have to go to next time I'm there. 

The Manitou Springs Incline, or locally known as "The Incline". 

Photo via 

Morale Patch Collection

My newest hobby that has developed as I have gotten into doing GORUCK events over the last few years is a patch collection.