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DIY Machete Handle Upgrade

One way to save money and still have quality gear is to upgrade less expensive items yourself so they look and perform better.

I have a couple knife blanks I have been wanting to put handles on so I decided to test out technique on an old machete I have but never really used. 

I've had this machete for years but never really done anything with it. It has a two part plastic handle and the cutting edge came with a dull edge covered with paint, maybe for safety during shipping.

For an idea about what I'm working with, it's close to this Ontario 6145 Military Machete, which is fairly inexpensive at around $25 and American made if you are looking for one.

I have always thought the handle on mine was too loose and light weight and wanted to replace it.

I had some scrap lumber and screws from another project so I decided to get started.

After final sanding and staining, I think it turned out really nice.

It turned out to get a nice edge after sharpening also. 

By using all scrap and extra parts from other projects, this upgrade costs me $0 and I'm very happy with how it turned out. 

Now I have to find a new sheath because the old one just won't do anymore.

It may end up being one of these unless I can find a better quality affordable option.

Cold Steel Sheath for 18 Inch Latin Machete


Let me know what you think.
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