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Can't Wait To Use This Gerber Strong Arm!

Just got a Gerber StrongArm from Amazon and I can't wait to use this thing on the next trail or camping trip I take.  I was able to get some time at least to post some initial thoughts for now.


It comes in multiple configurations including plain edge or serrated and black or coyote handle and sheath.

The coyote option seems to be still right around $60 and the black ones have been about $45 - $50 and Amazon has been the cheapest place as I looked around a lot before I bought.

Whichever configuration you get, the matching sheath and all the sheath components come with it.
I got the plain edge in coyote and the balance and grip feel solid in your hand thanks to the textured rubberized handle.  I wanted the plain edge for the ability to complete common camp tasks, such as feather stick and stake making as well as batoning larger pieces of wood down to size for fires.

The knife comes with a great molded plastic sheath and multiple attachment accessories for carry configurations including vertical or horizontal belt carry, through molle webbing or using paracord through the many lashing points on the sides. I currently have some thicker jute centered paracord from ITS Tactical through mine and it fits fine.  The sheath also holds very firmly with a solid click and no rattle.

A great feature of the sheath is that the knife can be inserted either way in the sheath and holds just as solidly. 


The StrongArm is USA made, which is proudly displayed on the blade, as it should be. 

The overall length of the StrongArm is approx 9.75" with a cutting edge of approx. 4.25".
Here is have it next to a classic Buck for size comparison. 

About 3/4 of the blade has a 90 degree spine which is perfect for throwing sparks off a ferro rod.

The steel extends beyond the handle providing a glass breaker/crushing point and lanyard hole.

Again, I think this is a great American made blade by Gerber, and with the plain edge it's perfect for
camp type tasks that you may be doing while also being strong enough to stand up to more hard use tasks as well.

I love mine, and you can check them out and get yours here


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