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EDC - 3 Good Quality, Budget Pocket Folding Knives

You can spend almost any amount of money on a pocket knife.  And there are hundreds of cheap knives out there that aren't going to hold up.  If you are like me, you want a good quality knife without spending $100 or more.  Also important to me is buying something that is going to last a long time and not have to be replaced every year.

The problem for many becomes trying to find a good quality knife on a budget.  I think I have done that with the following 3 knives.

All 3 knives are in the great budget price range of $30-$35 which I think is perfect for your personal EDC or even to give as gifts.

All three have plain edge which I think allows more options for use over serrated. 

 Kershaw 6034 Emerson CQC-6K Knife

3.25" blade, 4.5" closed.   This knife is designed by the more expensive knife designer Emerson and built at the lower price point by Kershaw.  One of the main features that differentiates this knife is Emerson's Wave knife opening feature.  The small wave shaped piece on the back of the blade is a quick opening "hook" that catches the edge of your pocket and swings the blade open during deployment.  The clip can be attached on either side however, it can only be carried tip up due to the wave opening feature which I like.  It has a G-10 scale on one side and stainless steel on the other.
Priced now at $30.47 on Amazon. 

 Blue Ridge Knives ESEE Avispa

3.5" blade 5" closed.  For strictly EDC cutting tasks this Esee Avispa is a great option.  It is thinner overall which is perfect for daily pocket carry, but not as good for extended cutting or survival tasks.

I have heard complaints that the thumb stud for left hand operation is very small and almost unusable, so if you or your recipient are left handed and carry on the left side, you might want to skip this knife.

Currently at $34.99, however there are only 15 left of this color and even more limited availability of other color options.

Ontario Knives Rat II Folding Knife

The smallest of the 3 at 7" open knife with a 3" blade.  Currently the most affordable of the three on Amazon at $24.99, The Rat II is another great option. 
Dual thumb stud and 4 way pocket clip for carrying in any configuration.  This knife has what I would consider the most aggressive jimping on the blade so if you don't like that you may mark this one out.

Like the Esee, it is available in multiple color options.   

After all that, my personal favorite is the Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K that I will be buying and reviewing soon. 

I hope this helps make a decision for yourself or a gift.
Stay safe,