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My Field Notes Notebook Collection Fall 2015 & New Edition Suggestion

With the release of the new Field Notes Winter 2015 Snowblind Edition, I decided to get all my Field Notes together and do an updated collection picture.

I have also included my humble suggestion for a new edition at the end.

What started out as a goal to always have a notebook on or near me has turned into a rather large collection.

I started buying Field Notes because I loved the idea behind their product and to support an American small business. As they continue to make new editions every quarter, I end up buying every new release because they continue to surprise me.

Standard, State Fair editions and a couple special bonus books I was lucky enough to get:

Just as I like to read real books, I also appreciate actually writing things down on paper.

As Field Notes saying goes:  "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now".

Which I think is becoming even more relevant as we our electronic world encompasses more of our lives.

As I have written before, I like the green and wood covered books the best:

I usually open one pack when I get new ones and keep the rest wrapped if I'm able to buy multiples. 
And the rest:

All here is all of them together:

In addition to the Field Notes Brand books, I have other notebooks.

I was, for a while, even buying a few vintage notebooks that Field Notes are patterned after when I would see them available.

A couple of them even have notes from the farmers who used them.

I even tried my hand at making a few:

Now my suggestion for a new edition: 

I would love to have one with topographic lines somewhere on the books.  Maybe on the inside covers or the back?  It could be a traveler edition.  With a travel theme or a globe theme.  The books could be green, blue and tan for the colors of jungle, sea and desert with topo lines on the back. Just some thoughts.  But as a Geographer by education I love topographic maps and I think they look great as a design aspect.

Another idea would be to have the books represent the 3 highest peaks on the US with the topo maps of the peaks on the cover of each one.

I may just have to have some custom books done one day.

Check out the Field Notes Shop and get your collection started if you haven't already!

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