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Life List - High Points In The 50 States

High Points.



These words might trigger in your mind thoughts of week long excursions and altitude acclimation.  But it doesn't have to involve all that.  There are many high points in the US that involve far less planning and gear and you can take the whole family.  And better yet, there are 50 of them!  Why go for just a couple of the high points in the US when you can go for all 50?!

For those who are don't have unlimited funds, vacation time and ability to conquer the extremes of the high points in the US, there is another option.  While some of the elevations may be modest, it is still an impressive goal of hiking to the high points of all 50 states in the US (51 if you count DC, but nobody counts DC)!  Most of them are fairly easy to get too also.  This is a good goal for families to get children interested in hiking and mountain climbing because many of them are little more than a hill.  I'm looking at you Florida.

Here is another easy one for people in the South and especially near Memphis to get started:

Woodall Mountain Mississippi.

No matter what state or region of the country you live in, you can most likely bag one of these high points in your state.  There are lots of blogs and websites to read for advice and best ways to get to the points.

Also, check out some mountain climbing reading for more inspiration.

As with any outdoor adventure, even one walking up a seemingly short hill, preparation is the name of the game.  Especially if you are hiking with children.  You have to be the prepared adult who can fix anything that your children think you are.  Be sure to pack some emergency supplies, such as a first-aid kit, shelter, fire starting, and other gear that may be needed for unforeseen circumstances as described on a previous post of mine.  Even when attempting one of these short peaks, the best thing to do is to be prepared.  

So, do some research and get started bagging those peaks!