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Travel Tips: Field Notes, Balsam Fir Edition

One of the best items you can bring on any trip is a notebook.  Writing your memories, feelings, and experiences during or shortly after you experience them is the best way to remember your trip accurately.  Writing also allows you to go back and relive the trip exactly how you felt on that day.


The best notebooks I have found for this purpose, and many other daily purposes, are the Field Notes Brand notebooks.  They have quality, pocket sized notebooks that are Made in the USA.  Their basic notebooks are available all the time and new "Colors" versions are produced quarterly and sell out quickly.  You can buy the colors individually or get a subscription so as not to miss any.  Not only are the notebooks useful, the company seems like a great one too. 

My first purchase of the color variety was the Balsam Fir from this Winter.  I waited until Christmas Eve to open them and was not disappointed.  I ordered the Balsam Fir color pack and a set of pencils and was so impressed with the order, I photographed the opening.  As you proceed through the photos below, you will see all the extras they threw in the mailing.   And Yes, the fir branches were also included in the envelope.


I am officially hooked on their products.  I have already given two packs as gifts and follow their blog weekly so I don't miss anything.  I will defiantly be purchasing the nest Color release when it is available this Spring, which, according to their website, will be a good one.

I also would like to say Thank You to Field Notes.  I have gotten in the habit or writing more when I think of things.  Which fits well with their slogan:  "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now"

Many of their sets, sometimes sold out versions, are also available on Amazon.

So check them out, I'm sure you will find as many uses as I have for these handy notebooks produced by a great American company.

For further note taking inspiration, do some research on your own about famous note takers.
They include: 
Mark Twain,

Thomas Jefferson,

Ernest Hemingway,

Benjamin Franklin,

John D. Rockefeller, Sr.,

Lewis and Clark,

George Patton,

Pablo Picasso,

and Peter Jennings.

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