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Inspirations - Field Notes Road Trip Kit

This is a great idea!

Gear up for that Road Trip.  As I have said before, having notebooks with you on a trip is one of the best ways to document the trip in writing about how you feel when you are there.  Sometimes it is hard to capture that with pictures alone.

Field Notes Brand Notebooks has put together and kit for all those road trips we take during the Summer.
The kit includes any Six individual County Fair State Editions for documenting the sights and sounds along the way, a Field Notes Steno pad for pre-trip planning and six Field Notes Pencils.  You can pick six states you are already planning on driving through, or you could pick six states that are on your life list to visit one day.  I have a couple of the state editions already and the back cover of each is full of facts about the state. 

This is a great deal because the Field Notes 3-packs alone are $10 apiece.  The Steno is $10 and the pencils are another $4.
They are selling this kit for $27.  It would be a great option for keeping the kids occupied in the car!  I might get one just because I was going to order a Steno Pad anyway.

What are the states in your next road trip?

Mine are TN, MS, AL and FL.  I think I'll add AK and HI in my kit just for fun.

Get yours Field Notes Road Trip kit here

P.S.  This Site is not sponsored by Field Notes, I just believe in supporting American companies with great products.


Just got mine!
Here is what I got:
Thank you!
Your states have been entered.
Your Road Trip Package will include:
1 Field Notes Steno Pad
6 Field Notes Pencils
6 Individual State Notebooks:

I ordered states I want to go to (I have been to FL) and one random one.