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Spatchcock Chicken And Lone Star Beer

I don't know how Lone Star beer is perceived in Texas, but when I get some imported to Tennessee I hold it in high regard.  It was this beer that inspired my latest 'invention'.  The Beer Can Smoker.
This may have already been invented by someone, somewhere, but in my world this is the first.

I was grilling Spatchcock Chicken and decided I needed a smoking box to put mesquite chips in but didn't have one.  But I did have a beer can in my hand (Lone Star), and a knife in my pocket, so I improvised.  Here are the results:

And a shot of the smoke can in action along with the Spatchcock Chicken:

I placed it beside the coals under the chicken, which turned out great.  If you make one, be sure to slice the can so that the mouth is pointing up so the liquid doesn't all run out of the can.  Use a cheap beer, I drank all the Lone Star and used Miller Light to soak the chips, but water works too.  Make an "H" shaped cut in the can and open it up like a book.  And be careful.  Cut aluminum is as sharp as a knife.