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Waypoints December 2015

-not my picture but this was our view-

There is nothing like seeing a massive tornado in person within a couple miles of your house to make you rethink your emergency supplies and plan for your family.  This was an incredible event that caused loss to many people. has been on the ground helping since day one. You can donate to help. 

Other than my emergency supply stock and plan, here is what I've been reading: 

51 skills every man should know. These should all be taught in high school and I would add map reading. Not on a phone or GPs but a real paper or static map. 

While I'm on skills, my favorite TV Survivalist Les Stroud, gets more detailed on a survival knot. 

Continuing the skills theme. The best place to learn new skills may be books. Here is a longer read on the importance of books in the home and children: 

Stay safe,