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Emergency Light Weight Camp Stove/Mini Grill - Update

More modifications and test of the Emergency stove.

I made some additional modifications, securing the grate and additional holes for air before the test.  I used solid a fuel tab for the first test because it the area was socked in with thick fog and everything was damp.

I used half a tablet and that got 1 cup of water to just starting to boil before running out.

I ended up using the other half to continue the boil test but it wasn't as hot as I would like it to be.  As I stated earlier, ts obviously not a jet boil but I think it an get hotter. 

Since I can get another can  if I mess this one up, I'm going to open up one side to a larger hole which will allow me to use bio fuel (sticks) to cook with and test that option next. 

Original Post:

Just emptied this almond can and realized it is solid metal.


Looks like it would be great to use as an emergency stove with Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes or even a couple charcoal briquettes if that's all you had.

It could be set up with a grate on top and simply cut holes in the sides for air.  I happen to have a small vent fan cover from an old desktop that works perfectly.

This is my quick mock up.  It may need larger air holes.
I know I will continue to buy the same brand almonds so I always have one of these cans around.

Its not s Weber or a Jet Boil but it would work in an emergency.

Hopefully I will get to test out one of these one day:

Maybe I can save up.