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EvenFlo Secure Kid Car Seat Review - Great Seat!.

Ensuring the safety of the little travelers, and your sanity.

If you are in the car seat business like we are at my house then you know the struggle that you deal with any time you want to move a car seat to another car, or simply to clean underneath them to find the Cheerios or where that new smell is coming from.   


We just happened to pick up an Evenflo car seat at a discount store with our first baby a few years ago and now that they have gotten bigger we have upgraded both of them to Evenflo seats with the Evenflo SecureKid seat simply because of the Sure Latch system that Evenflo uses.  It will change your life.

The struggle I referred to above I the installation and removal of the seats as it relates to the terrible hook designs that are on many car seats. 
Here is Evenflo's latch system:

The SureLatch system makes installation and removal a quick and painless process that I never thought could exist from using the other systems. It automatically grabs the mounting hook and once latched, automatically tightens the belt as pressure is applied to the seat.  Removal is even easier by simply pulling a trigger to release the latch. 
I'm telling you it will change your life.

On top of everything else; the seat is Made in USA. 
Save yourself time and headaches and get an Evenflo Car Seat with Sure Latch next time.  You can send me a thank you note with all your free time you'll have from not fighting with your child's old car seat.