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Waypoints - August 2011 - Travel Tips

Travel rules no one tells you.
Overnight cruise liner coming back to Memphis.
And remember to prepare for the unexpected when traveling abroad.

Very insightful post by Lonely Planet travel editor Robert Reid over on "Reid on Travel" titled The 44 Travel Rules No One Tells You.

He lists many of the things that many Americans forget while traveling and become labeled as the typical "American Tourist" and some other Life List items including:

7. It's OK to have a Coke without ice.
8. It's OK to have beer with ice.
9. It's OK to use your hands to eat.
19. Too much hassle where you are? Look around. If you are in the majority -- as foreign traveler -- walk two blocks to another part of town, and get out of that tourist ghetto you're probably in.
34. Write a post card.

and 3 of my favorite:

42. Always give one day to a trip to an 'up for grabs' experience -- a rented car to get from A to B, with random stops at unplanned places. You will likely remember it longer than the Met.
43. The tacos might be better back home but please don't say it for all to hear in CancĂșn.
44. Travelling alone is something everyone should do at least once.
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This should be exciting!:
Overnight cruise liner coming back to Memphis!  - The Memphis Daily News.and the Commercial Appeal.

Always consider preparedness:
An article in the Wall Street Journal combines two of my favorite topics; Travel and Preparedness, and reminds travelers that anything could happen while abroad.  So be at least minimally prepared for a crisis.
--Crisis Abroad:  Tips for International Travelers- WSJ 

Happy Travels!