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What Is Your Favorite Type of Trip?...and a Travel Tip

I am curious to see what types of trips people most favor.  I for one enjoy traveling to any new places I have never been no matter the means or mode of transport.  But I would say that my favorite two types are exploring new places within a car ride of Memphis and also going to new countries anywhere in the world.

What is your favorite type of adventure?

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  • Pampered Hotel
  • Camping Adventure
  • Exotic Island
  • Winter Expedition/ Skiing
  • Day Trip by Car
  • Anything "Passport Required"

Travel Tip below the jump:

Please make a selection on the short poll I have created on the right.  Sadly, there is no free t-shirt or any prize for that matter, other than knowing you have participated in a very important (or not) non-scientific poll that I may or may not use to create future posts.  Thank You.

Now, the tip.

I discovered this on my recent trip to New York for Christmas.
Since all the airlines are charging bags fees; next time you fly, pack everything in the two carry-on bags you get to have for free.  Wait to let most of the other travelers on the plane before you and when all the overhead compartments are full they will take your bags and check them for free.  Then you don't have to deal with putting them in the overhead, and getting them out, and they will be in the baggage claim area like a normal checked bag.

I also just discovered this book Power Travel: How to Arrive with Your Dignity, Sanity, and Wallet Intact that looks like it will have many of the same type of tips.  I'm going to check it out and see.  It is from the travel writers at The Wall Street Journal who always have good writing and I'm sure this book will be no exception.
You should check it out too.

Happy Travels!