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Travel Inspirations: Fire & Ice

I know the last thing anyone around here, and many parts of the US thanks to La Nina, wants to think about right now is ice, but hear me out.

The Fire & Ice trip:

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Get the details below:

Pick two places, one in a hot climate (fire) and one in a cold climate (ice).

Visit the two places back to back.  Spend a few days to a week at one, then go directly to the other for another few days to a week.

I think it would be a very unique experience and a good way to snap out of a rut in life or at least a rut in your vacation life.  I got the idea from the widely accepted training philosophy of stimulating your body into shape by surprising it.  That is done by completely changing your workout routine every few weeks.  Then I though that I could apply this idea to travel.  The change in temperatures so suddenly could work to stimulate and energize your senses.

The first pair I imagined was Alaska and Hawaii.  That itinerary would probably be the easiest for most Americans since they are both within the US.  And I think, if your flying to one, you might as well fly to the other.  But this trip could be conducted in any region of the globe.

The only question left now is:  Which one do you visit first?
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or Fire:

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And why?
Also, what are some other good pairings on this theme?